Mens Golf Leagues

Men’s Golf Leagues at Lorette Golf Course

Whether you’re looking for a casual round of golf with friends or a competitive team experience, Lorette Golf Course’s Men’s Golf Leagues offer something for every male golfer. From the camaraderie of our Wednesday Evening League to the strategic play of our Thursday Two-Man Team League and the specialized competition of our Texas Twosomes, there’s a place for you here. Enjoy weekly games, fantastic prizes, and the chance to win a golf course membership or showcase your skills in senior and competitive twosome matches. Don’t just play golf—experience a golf community that values fun, competition, and friendship. Call 204-878-2172 or email to join or learn more.

Men’s Golf League (Wednesday Evening)

When: Every Wednesday, 5:30 PM, late April to mid-September (roughly 20 weeks).

Join our Wednesday Evening Men’s Golf League for a mix of competition and camaraderie. This league is perfect for those who enjoy the game and seek a friendly atmosphere on and off the course. With flexible team arrangements, weekly prizes, and a season finale featuring a steak dinner and prize presentation, it’s an ideal way to enjoy your golf season. Plus, participate in more than half of the league nights fr a chance to win a 2025 membership!

Two-Man Team Men’s Golf League (Thursday Evening)

When: Thursdays, Tee times from 3 PM – 6 PM, from early May to early July (9 weeks).

Our Thursday Night Men’s League offers a competitive two-man team format, culminating in a league windup with a steak dinner and prizes. Entry fees cover season meals and prizes, with limited spots available for a highly anticipated league that hits close to capacity each year. Join for a chance to compete, improve, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow golf enthusiasts.

Men’s Texas Twosomes Competitions

Early Bird Texas Twosomes: Designed for senior men (55+), this league allows for flexible scheduling and encourages competition in a twosome format, with matches played on a Wednesday or Friday before 3 PM.

Topgun Texas Twosomes: Open to all, focusing on lower handicap players without age restrictions. This competitive league plays on Monday and Tuesday evenings, adopting a best-shot format that challenges teams to perform under par to win.

The Format

In the twosome leagues, you play a match against another team. The format is that both golfers tee off, and then you select your best drive. You both play from the selected best drive position and then select the best 2nd shot and then so on until the ball is in the hole. You gain a point if you win the hole against the other team, ½ a point if you tie the hole, and after nine holes, each team will have a point score for the match, which is your match score. There is also 1 point available for the best gross team score. In the top gun league, an under-par round is normally required to win the match.

The teams play against other teams in a round-robin format. The league matches are published before the start of the league. Participants are responsible for rescheduling the match if they cannot play their match. Once the league has been completed for the last month of the season, the league is split into playoffs based on league ranking, with the league windup held on the second to last weekend of September. On that day, a winner from each division will be crowned.

For more information about Golf Leagues at Lorette Golf Course, please get in touch with our General Manager at 204-878-2172 or email