Golf Course Layout for Lorette’s 9 Hole Public Golf Course

Our 9 hole golf course was built on 66 acres, along the Seine River. With lush fairways and challenging greens, our golf course features mature tree-lined fairways and well-placed water hazards as well as sand traps to ensure a challenging round from the recreational golfer to a skilled player. Our signature 7th hole is one of the toughest par 3's in Manitoba, protected by water on the left, a sand trap on the right and a green that slopes towards the Seine River! Your skills will definitely be tested here. Anyone who walks off the green with a par is certainly happy!


Par 4

Blue Tees 401 Yards

White Tees 358 Yards

Red Tees 326 yards

Our first hole allows you to let the driver out of the bag right off the get go! A tee shot down the right side of the fairway takes the left fairway bunker and trees out of play, while opening up the green on your approach shot. A greenside bunker on the left and water on the right demands accuracy from your second shot. The green slopes towards the water hazard. A shot to the centre of the green is always a safe play on this hole.


Par 4

Blue Tees 395 Yards

White Tees 350 Yards

Red Tees 304 yards

Accuracy off the tee is a must on this Par 4 as both sides of the fairway are tree lined. The smart play is to lay-up short of the two bunkers on either side of the fairway, however longer hitters will be rewarded with a well hit tee shot down the middle. A narrow and long green with a greenside bunker on the right makes for a challenging approach shot. Try to leave your 2nd shot below the hole as this green will challenge even the steadiest of putters.


Par 4

Blue Tees 365 Yards

White Tees 325 Yards

Red Tees 294 yards

You may want to think twice about what club you pull out of the bag on the tee of this Par 4. The fairway is generous however both sides of the hole are tree-lined with the out-of-bounds on the left creeping into the back of your mind. Longer hitters beware, a water hazard crosses the fairway at the 240 yard mark. Your approach shot is protected by a trap on the right and pond on the left. A front to back sloping green allows you to attack the pin, but be careful, soft hands will be required if your approach flies long.


Par 5

Blue Tees 511Yards

White Tees 471 Yards

Red Tees 435 yards

The first Par 5 on the course allows an opportunity to make up a stroke or two, but to do so your shot making ability will be put to the test! To get it home in two you will be required to clear the fairway bunker on the left, and navigate a narrow approach with short. The patient player will lay up short of the water and try to get the ball up and down from there. Take a moment to enjoy the rustle of the Seine River as you stand on this green.


Par 4

Blue Tees 389Yards

White Tees 336 Yards

Red Tees 303 yards

You’re not out of the woods yet! Now you will find out how much of a test the Lorette Golf Course really is. This long and narrow Par 4 demands accuracy off the tee. Even those who put their approach close aren’t done yet, as this hole boasts one of the toughest greens on the course with it’s endless undulations.


Par 4

Blue Tees 358 Yards

White Tees 356 Yards

Red Tees 326 yards

This Par 4 allows you some breathing room with the hole opening up to the right. But don’t let the rating of the easiest hole fool you, a large green is protected by a greenside bunker and large mounds surrounding the green. Your green reading ability will be tested as the ball doesn’t always do what you think it will on this green.


Par 3

Blue Tees 191 Yards

White Tees 151 Yards

Red Tees 122 yards

Our signature hole also happens to be one of the toughest par 3’s in Manitoba. A forced carry over a pond as well the Seine River on the left makes for an intimidating tee shot. A well hit tee shot will clear the bunker on the right and stay below the hole. Walking away with a two putt is something to be proud of as the green is well slanted to the front left.


Par 5

Blue Tees 493 Yards

White Tees 476 Yards

Red Tees 423 yards

Time to make up a few strokes, this par 5 allows you let out some shaft but be cautious of the out-of-bounds on the left. With a big tee shot you can make this green in 2, but the green is protected be water and a bunker on the right. Laying up and trying to get it up and down never hurts on this hole.


Par 3

Blue Tees 175 Yards

White Tees 150 Yards

Red Tees 123 yards

Don’t be distracted by the thought of post-round refreshments with the Clubhouse in sight on the this Par 3 finishing hole! Consider the often swirling winds before making your shot selection, the smart play may be to keep it low and run it up between the greenside bunkers.